Coaching, A Powerful Business Tool

Coaching has become an indispensable resource to address the specific problems of companies and organizations of any type and size. We tell you why …

You have probably heard of coaching in the business world. It is an increasingly sought after and profitable trend among contemporary markets. But what is coaching and why do we need it?

The look from outside

One of the most common problems in the corporate world is that once the very high degree of immersion that companies require of their employees has been reached, challenges and needs arise whose solution is lost from sight to those who think about them within the same structure.

So the participation of an external advisor is key , a coach who can think about strategies from a broader, more complex perspective, and can provide solutions from a specialized place in the face of a specific problem .

This type of tool has shown a high impact on the achievement of the specific objectives of the companies, focused on methodologies and proven experiences and an essential versatility to adapt to the different areas of interest that concern the problem. A joint learning process is thus undertaken in which all the parties involved grow.

What does a coach do?

A typical coaching intervention involves:

  1. Diagnosis . Find out with the client exactly what the problem is to solve and understand the reasons for it.
  2. Project . Define the realistically achievable objectives in this regard.
  3. Methodology . Propose a method or a strategy to achieve the goal set.
  4. Support . Accompany the strategic process and provide feedback on the initial diagnosis as the actions yield results.
  5. Evaluation . Be accountable for the process and the limitations that could be facilitating or hindering the process, in order to calibrate the application of the method.
  6. Result . Summarize the experience and offer a presentation of the changes achieved.

A varied tool

Coaching is, in short, a positive intervention carried out from a specific problem, having an external vision of the situations and areas involved: finances, relationships, practical processes and even of a spiritual nature. That is why a coach is much more than an external advisor.

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